Independence from colonialism

Khathu Mamaila wrote about the Western media’s utter lack of interest in the trial of Paul Bisingimana for a massacre in a church during the Rwandan Genocide. He argues that international community is as unconcerned about the current slaughter in Darfur as it was disinterested in the Rwandan Genocide.

He writes:
“Nobody owes Africans a favour. People will always act in their best interest.”
“This means that African leaders and organisations should make peace with the reality that the future of their continent is in their hands. If they mess up, they will stew in their mess.
This is why the resolution of the Darfur conflict should essentially be an African initiative. So should be the resolution of the Congo issue, where an estimated three million people are reported to have died due to the effects of the war.
Independence from colonialism cannot be reduced to simply changing the colours of the national flag. It cannot only be a new national anthem. It has to be a process of Africans leading themselves not only out of conflict but towards prosperity.
The African media should help people not only to remember what happened but also assist them to to avoid repeating past mistakes.
Rwanda is enough proof that Africans should be under no illusion that other people will do that which they themselves ought to do for themselves”

I wish every South African journalist could read these words. In a country and continent where some still seemingly live with the mindset of the colonised, it is for journalists to emphasize the reality. Too many look with gratitude or hope to the likes of Bob Geldoff and Gordon Brown.
When a newspaper writes that this or that plan from outside might not have sufficient resources, or criticise it on some other non-fundamental level, they are still being uncritical of these people and their agendas. They fail to see that these ‘saviours’ are playing for a home audience. And that as long as Africans are the subjects of other people’s plans, they are not yet in command of their own destinies.

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One Response to Independence from colonialism

  1. M. NDIAYE sê:

    These are accointances we are almost aware about… the challenge starts now: how much do we care to further strenghten the message? what have we done to furhter networking issues among us?..

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