South Africans can’t handle a web debate

When reading comments by South Africans on Moneyweb’s brain-dead forum I feel ashamed. Basically just about every participant uses his anonymity to make hate speech about his fellow South Africans. And it is not just at Moneyweb, but every other SA forum I’ve seen is the same – ‘diabolical’ as described by the creator of Muti
Considering how black and white, English and Afrikaner usually act towards each other (with courtesy, in my experience), I wonder whether Moneyweb should get away with this kind of sensationalism.

They might argue that an outlet of these bitter emotions is needed. But I suggest their anonymous pit is not the right place. A handful of poisonous people are given a forum, and we all end up thinking that this is how much THE OTHER really hate us.

No-one emerges from these mud-slinging matches informed or inspired. But then, it is much the same with Moneyweb’s poor but sensationalist opinion pieces too.

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