Die AWB hou dit Engels

Na gesprekke op Mhambi se blog (hier en hier), en ‘n besoek aan die AWB se webbladsy, lys ek hier hoe dit vir my lyk waarvoor hulle staan:

Hulle is nie regs of libertyns nie, want:
“If we did have a volkstaat with the liberal, Afrikaner socialists running the state, I would be perfectly satisfied”

Hulle is ook nie links of progressief nie want:
“I have to point out that liberalism walks hand in hand with Socialism whose cousin is communism. In one of your posts you mentioned that communism has merits. The premis of communism is that all individuals are equal; this then ties in with the liberal hate for racial discrimination, but to quote George Orwell, “All [animals] are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

Hulle is ook nie republikeins nie – ‘nobility’ word omtrent met oopmond bewondering goedgekeur:
“The current french president may have hungarian heritage, but after the 3 generations that his family has live in France, it certainly no longer makes a difference (besides he is from hungarian nobility, not just a plain commoner and he is european).”

Hulle is ook nie Christelik nie, want haat en minagting drup uit alles wat hulle sê.

Hulle is ook nie vir Afrikaans nie – trouens hulle webladdsy is feitlik geheel en al Engels, en die idee van kontak met Afrikaanse bruinmense word geminag, terwyl Engelse en enige ander wittes welkom sou wees in die staat wat hulle hoop om te verkry.

Hulle het eintlik geen beginsel van enige aard nie, net ‘n dom haat vir swart en bruin.

Ek het ook baie probleme met wat alles in SA verkeerd is.  Ek wil ook maar soos Mondli Makhanya vra: what grave sin did the people of South Africa commit to deserve rule by Thabo Mbeki? How did we offend the deities?

‘n Nuwe Afrikaanse bewustheid is nodig om die balans in SA te herstel, en om die probleme aan te pak.  Maar hierdie ouens gaan niemand help nie – ek vermoed hulle is net geskik daarvoor om, wanneer niemand kyk nie, padtekens te bekruip en te sabotteer.

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5 Responses to Die AWB hou dit Engels

  1. wildebees sê:

    >> ek vermoed hulle is net geskik daarvoor om, wanneer niemand kyk nie, padtekens te bekruip en te sabotteer.

    Ha ha! Ek het lekker gelag toe ek dit lees. Soos gewoonlik vat jy dinge raak en doen jy dit in die beste Afrikaans.

    Jou kommunis 😉

  2. Jaco sê:

    Afrikaner weerstands beweging se webtuiste in Engels. Dit is ironie.
    Ek is seker dat hulle beginsels vir hulle sin maak. Dit is sarkasme.

    Dat die organisasie ‘n grap is. Dit is ‘n feit

  3. Skoor sê:

    I’m sorry, maar dis ‘n donirse joke. Ek wens so hierdie mense wil ophou met hulle ***!

  4. Dark Raven sê:

    Weeelllll…..it is very interesting that the AWB has their webpage in English, but my skatties..there is nothing new under the sun!

    Terug in die goeie ou dae, when Oom ET’s blow torch blue eyes still had their full impaling abilities, he used to hog any public platform he could mount (hehe), he would blast his audience with bespittled retoric and patriotic rants in ‘Die Taal’ to his predominantly Afrikaans speaking ‘aanhangers’ who were hanging on his every word, mesmerised by his ‘genius’.

    However, what people failed to notice, (maar hierdie antie mis niks nie), is that all the banners and posters that bedecked the walls of the hall and the podium from which Oom ET was delivering his speech,…were all in English..!!

    Now why is that?

    Why would all these banners, meant to drive a message across, at a political gathering to muster the Boere to unity, and who are, say for arguments sake 98% an Afrikaans speaking audience, all be in English?

    I suppose one could make excuses for it, like for instance, that the AWB was scouting for English supporters, but my dahlings…if that were the case they would have campaigned for English support, which they never did!

    So…it begs the question..Were those banners, emblazoned with semi nazi symbolism, screaming nationalistic messages to the Volk really and truely meant for the Volk?

    Or were they meant for the international media who decended onto the AWB meetings like brommers to n drol, in a rush to bring proof to the world at large, that the Afrikaner is nothing more than a raving nazi fascist pig?

    Let us now not beat around the bush here…back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I went on my first ‘Oorseese avontuur’ folks in the pubs in London and Paris would look at me in horror and slink away out of my aura when I told them I was South African..I kid you not! I was young and confused, and eventually resorted to claiming I was Austrailian in order to engage any of the locals in a conversation!

    It is a fact that there is one organisation in South Africa that did the most damage to the Boere/Afrikaner image abroad, and it was the AWB with their quasi-nazi symbolism and ET’s screeming and shouting Hitler stylie retoric.

    But now ask yourself this question…how the hell did the AWB finance their organisation.
    They had flags and uniforms and T-shirts, peak caps and stickers, not to mention books and pamphlets en traktaaitjies and ‘other stuff’ too dicey to mention on such a forum…and all this kind of branding and promotional merchandise costs money.

    Not once in all the years has a full audit and investigation been made into the finances of the AWB. However many other organisations like Robert Va Tonders Boerestaat Party had to disclose the source of their funding. Where the AWB funding came from and who were the real backers behind it has never been questioned or disclosed. As for the storie that the organisation was formed in a members garage or around the braai while sharing political antedotes over a couple of Klippies and Coke is also the biggest load of rot.

    Bear this in mind too, while you ponder…Oom ET, as a young man, felt his true calling was on stage and in theater. He had dreams of being an actor, but insread ended up becomming a policeman! It has been written, by someone very close to ET, that he spent hours in front of a mirror practising his speeches so they packed a punch. Makes you think hey.

    Bottom line is. In my humble opinion, the resurrgence of the AWB in a time of great political uncertainty and national depression, is a great danger to the Volk. It serves only one purpose and that is to divide the people even further, in a time where all people who speak Afrikaans, be they white or coloured should be banding together against the marginalization and discrimination against their culture, language and human rights.

    I feel a bit sad about Martinus who so zealously defends the AWB, because he is still a young m, vol vuur en vlam, who is I believe, a real patiot who cares for his mense, but he does not know all the hidden facts, and as time marches on, so secrets and lies become buried, and who is there that cares less to uncover them? And so, by supporting and trumpeting such an organisation, he so causes even more damage to the very Volk he swears to defend.

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