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Do non-IT people participate in social news sites?

When I look at the way information technology topics predominate at social news sites, I wonder if that is really what their creators intended. What about people who don’t have a major interest in that – do they participate? I … Lees voort

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South Africans can’t handle a web debate

When reading comments by South Africans on Moneyweb’s brain-dead forum I feel ashamed. Basically just about every participant uses his anonymity to make hate speech about his fellow South Africans. And it is not just at Moneyweb, but every other … Lees voort

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Sir Robert Mugabe and the Sunday Times

South Africa’s Sunday Times has a Mampara of the week – feature, where ‘Hogarth’ castigates the public fool of the week. In one such piece (June 2005), Hogarth wrote: “A LITTLE bird reminded Hogarth of an incident of that took … Lees voort

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